Monday, February 24, 2014

Something new- ADF in Afghanistan

For a long time I have wanted to do some Aussies in Afghanistan. Problem was I am firmly a 28mm man and whilst I have the excellent 20mm Wartime Miniatures Aussies and Talibs I really wanted some 28mm. Enter Skirmish Sangin and their Aussie/NZers My other issue was the fact that a few club members are serving soldiers and I know one served in Afghanistan.When i said that if they objected to it i wouldn't do it they  they gave me their blessing for the project and are actually hoping to play in some games!

Lovely sculpts so i bought almost a platoon worth and now have painted them. The only problem is they dont sell enough troopers with UGL on their F88s. There should be one in every brick(4 man fireteam, 2 bricks makes a section) from my research. So have ordered some more and will be converting up the F88 GLA. Now hopefully they do some with Mag58s and M3s so i can do some Manoeuvre Support teams.
Here are my photos!

Now to paint some Taliban to fight!