Monday, February 24, 2014

Something new- ADF in Afghanistan

For a long time I have wanted to do some Aussies in Afghanistan. Problem was I am firmly a 28mm man and whilst I have the excellent 20mm Wartime Miniatures Aussies and Talibs I really wanted some 28mm. Enter Skirmish Sangin and their Aussie/NZers My other issue was the fact that a few club members are serving soldiers and I know one served in Afghanistan.When i said that if they objected to it i wouldn't do it they  they gave me their blessing for the project and are actually hoping to play in some games!

Lovely sculpts so i bought almost a platoon worth and now have painted them. The only problem is they dont sell enough troopers with UGL on their F88s. There should be one in every brick(4 man fireteam, 2 bricks makes a section) from my research. So have ordered some more and will be converting up the F88 GLA. Now hopefully they do some with Mag58s and M3s so i can do some Manoeuvre Support teams.
Here are my photos!

Now to paint some Taliban to fight!

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  1. They are looking very sharp! It has only served to remind me that I promised Colin that I would do a set of them in earlier Auzzie camo....

    I can understand your decision to ask those who had been there before playing the game, we went through the same process when writing our rules. Some have joined us for games, and for others they don't want to be part of it. But all have been encouraging for what we are trying to do, and I am glad you have had the same experience.

    I look forward to seeing this develop!