Friday, April 5, 2013

ACW galore and the Peacock Brigade!

I received a package today from the Phillipines. My Peacock Brigade!! Weed's Brigade at Gettysburg

   BG Stephen H. Weed (k)
   Col Kenner Garrard
  • 140th New York: Col Patrick O'Rorke (k), Ltc Louis Ernst, Maj Isaiah Force
  • 146th New York: Col Kenner Garrard, Ltc David T. Jenkins
  • 91st Pennsylvania: Ltc Joseph H. Sinex
  • 155th Pennsylvania: Ltc John H. Cain

The packaging was superb! No breaks whatsoever ( however i did manage to snap a musket off in my ham handed unpacking!)
The models are wonderfully painted and based up, all i had to do was put the flags on the banners which Fons had kindly supplied for me anyways! Check out MMPS and order some figures you wont be disappointed!
Superb service and very fast turn around I think it was about 4 weeks from ordered to in my hands!
On to some pictures

I am so chuffed with these guys! Thanks Fons!

While I was at it I took some photos of my Rebs

A wise man once said to me that once you focus on one project it picks up a momentum of its own. In the last 4 weeks my 28mm ACW collections has grown from 6 Confederate regiments of 24 figures to 17 CSA regiments, 3 Guns a cavalry regiment and the Union Zouave brigade plus one union regiment I have painted myself.
I have bought about 12 of these regiments all up(some from my chum The Cardinal and the Zouaves from MMPS )and painted 7 in the last 4 weeks myself!
Cant wait to play in the practice game on Sunday at Hall of Heroes!


  1. Well done and very nice I was only thinking about painting the same brigade a couple of days beat me to it.