Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Italian Wars armies multiply!

On a related note a mate was going to donate his 1490-1510 stuff to the club because he didn't want to get burned on eBay so I offered a nice little sum instead and he sold them all to me so now my Italian Wars collection is almost double what it was! Funny how when you put your mind to it a project starts to explode!
Here is a list of what I have now in figures and elements- all my stuff is based for DBR or Maximilian but i use them for loads of rulesets!

56 Crossbow- 28 elements
64 handgunners- 32 elements
36 long bows- 18 elements
66 halberdiers- 22 elements
8 border horse- 8 elements
18 Mounted handgunners- 18 elements
2 heavy guns
2 medium guns
2 light guns
12 Swiss Guard(Papal)-4 elements
24 Landsknecht- 8 elements
144 Pike- 48 elements
26 "Archer" style-non barded knights-13 elements
28 Gendarmes with barding- 14 elements

I have a box of Perry cavalry which will be 6 more elements in the non barded horse. Also I have a few boxes of the infantry which will probably bolster the handgun and crossbow numbers.
Very satisfying to see them all!!!!!


  1. lets see them then - or are they unpainted?

  2. I shall post up some piccies when I get them all sorted....most of them were in use in the battke yesterday! Thanks guys!