Friday, February 1, 2013

Disheartened- how do you carry on?

I spent most of today painting up some Knights and some foot serjeants and I seriously think they look crap......The serjeants are ok but the knights are well rap.....its mainly the cloth of the barding that has me flummoxed as well as the heradlry.....once they are dry I might post them up but seriously I am annoyed now and a project I was looking forward has gone a bit sour....what do you do to carry on?
Maybe I need to not use barded horses.....I dont know........


  1. I for the most part gave up complex heraldry on barding, unless it was really smooth. Like the old Mini Figs horses. If I remember the tutorial I read 30+ years back, it said to take a piece of cloth,and paint your design. Then drape the cloth to match the folds on the mini, and this should give you an idea of how to transfer it. I think the example was done in 54mm, but it should help a bit.

  2. Thanks for that mate....i think i shall leave it in the hands of better painters than I!

  3. Hi Warrior Pope, another trick I use is to photocopy the design/pattern and scale it to the appropriate size, cut it out as close as possible and then trace the outline. Hope this helps.