Friday, February 15, 2013

The Battle of Ferozeshah

Last night I had the privilege of playing in a game of WRG set in the Anglo_Sikh wars using the lovely Wargames Foundry figures scuplted by my favourites the Perry's.
Alan Knight graciously organised the night at the pub and supplied the figures .
Rob and Grant played the roles of the British while Dave and I changed our last name to Singh for the night.
Was a great game and my brigade of irregular Sikh managed to devastate the British right wing even breaking a much vaunted British square! Unheard of!

Rob had managed to destroy the Sikh cavalry and was about to challenge the Sikh regulars in the middle when we called it a night and a Sikh victory....Shows you what the Sikhs could have done if led better! :)
Here are some photos from the night. First time I have played in a  pub and it was very enjoyable thanks to Alan for the game!

The deadly irregular brigade!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Italian Wars armies multiply!

On a related note a mate was going to donate his 1490-1510 stuff to the club because he didn't want to get burned on eBay so I offered a nice little sum instead and he sold them all to me so now my Italian Wars collection is almost double what it was! Funny how when you put your mind to it a project starts to explode!
Here is a list of what I have now in figures and elements- all my stuff is based for DBR or Maximilian but i use them for loads of rulesets!

56 Crossbow- 28 elements
64 handgunners- 32 elements
36 long bows- 18 elements
66 halberdiers- 22 elements
8 border horse- 8 elements
18 Mounted handgunners- 18 elements
2 heavy guns
2 medium guns
2 light guns
12 Swiss Guard(Papal)-4 elements
24 Landsknecht- 8 elements
144 Pike- 48 elements
26 "Archer" style-non barded knights-13 elements
28 Gendarmes with barding- 14 elements

I have a box of Perry cavalry which will be 6 more elements in the non barded horse. Also I have a few boxes of the infantry which will probably bolster the handgun and crossbow numbers.
Very satisfying to see them all!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Italian Wars Game

We played a game up at the club today using the George Gush Rules.
Part of the French army arrayed
2 French players attacking a Papal army commanded by Julius II (me of course!)

The other French wing

Looking from the French left to the Papal positions

The Pope and his Guard in reserve

The French Advance

Landsknecht in the Papal employ hold a ford across the river

We enjoyed the rules and the French made the important breakthrough on the Papal left but the Landsknecht held the ford although a unit of Gendarmes had got into the rear of the Papal army and was threatening. So the Pope beliigerently marched off with his guard and household cavalry while leaving his "flock" to their fate.....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back to the early Renaissance

After much thinking last night i decided that instead of pushing forward with the 13th Century project I would ditch it and return to my Renaissance armies.....I really should expand my period a bit and my 15th -16th Century Italian Wars stuff has all of the knights i could want really and without the barding!
So this afternoon i glued some pike from the Perry's Mercenaries box which are to be used as provinical pike and some of their lovely mounted men at arms.
The period I have based my Renaissance collection on in around 1506 when Pope Julius II is scheming and plotting to expand the Papal lands at the expense of the Venetians and the French and Spanish are fighting over Naples. When I started my collection it was heavily inspired by two gentlemen in particular's collections.
Stuarts beautiful Tudors and Imperials armies
And James' vast collection and his Pike and Plunder campaign rules (which we have just begun to use at the club, only two turns in)

Happily James' new table top rules, Hell Broke Loose,  are in my possession to be playtested which will happen next weekend.

On to my Renaissance collections
First up we have Julius himself the Warrior Pope and his Swiss Guard

Next is a model i shamelessly plagiarised from Stuart but mine is Henry VII is the late 1490s for some fictional campaigns against France plus some Yeomen of the guard.

The we have some generals including a fighting Cardinal and the rest of my collection- still building but i will get there!

A vast majority of my collection was painted by my chum the Cardinal
The Pope and King Henry painted by my friend Thoran.
I painted the Italian Pike the Landsknecht ( I did have a lot more Landsknecht painted by the Cardinal but I sold them to a mate who has started an Imperial army of the period)some of the heavy Cavalry and a few of the generals plus the artillery and the two Swiss guards on Julius' base.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Disheartened- how do you carry on?

I spent most of today painting up some Knights and some foot serjeants and I seriously think they look crap......The serjeants are ok but the knights are well rap.....its mainly the cloth of the barding that has me flummoxed as well as the heradlry.....once they are dry I might post them up but seriously I am annoyed now and a project I was looking forward has gone a bit sour....what do you do to carry on?
Maybe I need to not use barded horses.....I dont know........