Thursday, January 24, 2013

A new Project?? and Cancon 2013

For a long time I have wanted to do something in the middle ages.
With so many wars and periods to choose from I have never been able to decide on one.
Now i think after much deliberation I am going to use Hail Caesar rules to do a quasi Battle of Lake Peipus (or battle on Ice)
Mainly I love this figure which will be prominent in the battle ,Warrior Bishop of the Teutonic Order

All Gripping Beast Models. Now i need to come up with a good OOB and special rules for each and then sort out the basing before ordering up a storm.
Fireforge's lovely plastic models will be perfect for the Teutonic knights
plus their sergeants. Now I have to research the hell out of this so I can think about plastic conversions useable for the Russians as well......

The other alternative is to use them fro German KNights and the Bishop could be Siegfried of Westerburg
This way I could use the Teutons for both sides as German Knights! Decisions decisions.......

Looking forward to Cancon on the weekend and will probably make the first of my planned purchases for the project.

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